Protection for Concrete & Masonry
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Penetrating silane/siloxane sealers penetrate deep into the concrete and masonry to form a chemical bond with the concrete and mortar and repel water absorption.

Penetrating barriers create a water repellent barrier by plugging the pores in concrete and preventing water absorption. Recommended for more porous concrete surfaces.

PaintBooster prolongs the life of an exterior paint job by preventing water absorption. It protects from peeling paint and wood rot and makes painting easier by improving the flow and levelling of the paint.

Easy solutions for anti-graffiti protection and removal. Only quick, consistent and complete removal discourages "tagging“ and tagging left intact encourages more “tagging.” Removers and coatings available today make the problem more easily manageable and controllable.

Protection for walkways, courtyards, patios and other horizontal surfaces. Enhances long term functional performance and makes maintenance easier. Protects from stain penetration, the harmful effects of UV rays, efflorescence, the white dusty looking coating caused by moisture and salt crystal migration; and harsh environmental elements.
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